Italian Chromed Metal and Cognac Leather Stiletto Armchairs from Arrben, 1950s

Pair of Federico Munari Armchairs, 1950s

Pair of Art Deco Club Chairs - New Upholstery

Sectional Sofa Model Zozo By Seven Salotti, Italy, 1970s (4 Armchairs available & Corner sold)

Pair of Armchairs Designed For the Czech Embassy, Stockholm Jan Bocan - Produced by Thonet 1972

“Le Bambole” Armchair by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia - 1970s

Carved wood back armchair

Club Chair by Alvar Aalto for Artek, circa 1939

Pair of italian armchairs, velvet, 1950s

Model 213 Armchair in teak and Leatherette by TH Harlev for Farstrup Møbler in 1958.

pair of Minotti armchairs -New Upholstery - Italy 1950s

Pair of Cees Braakman for Pastoe high back armchairs - original black leatherette upholstery - 1950s

Two-tone Italian Armchair - 1950s

pair of armchairs on casters - new upholstery - 2 pairs available

jox interni leather and tubular steel armchairs - 1970s

Black Leather Model DS 35 Swivel Desk Chair from de Sede, 1960s

Pair of armchairs and ottoman, italy, 1950s- reupholstered

Italian armchair, 1980s

Pair of italian armchairs pizzetti, steel and leather, 1970s - 2 pairs available

Swivel lounge chair by joe colombo model "elda" - 1963

Armchairs by Guillerme et Chambron, 1950s

Alky Chair by Giancarlo Piretti for Anonima Castelli, 1970s

'Bunny' 300-177 armchairs by Józef Chierowski for Factory in Świebodzice - poland 1960s

pair of Italian Plywood rosewood curved armchairs

Basket chairs by Gian Franco Legler

Luciano Frigerio Italian Mahogany and Black Leather Ussaro Armchairs and ottoman - 1970s

pair of wicker armchairs

Rainer Daumiller for Hirtshals Savvaerk, set of four armchairs, pitchpine, Denmark, 1970s

Pair of italian “Tucroma” leather armchairs by Guido Faleschini

Pair Of camel nubuck 'Jensen' Armchairs And Ottoman By Rodolfo Dordoni

Danish Teak Armchair With Wicker Backrest, 1960s

Pair of Scandinavian Armchairs, 1960s

'Pianura' armchair By Mario Bellini For Cassina, 1970s

Black Leather Armchairs LC3 Le Corbusier For Cassina

Pair of Italian high back armchairs - New Upholstery

bamboo bench

Rocking Chair by Louis Van Teeffelen 1960

Pair Of Italian Armchairs, 1950s - New Upholstery

Pair Of Armchairs By Ede Toroczkai Wigand, 1920s

Pair Of Art Deco Club Chairs

pair of Rattan Armchairs 1960s

Pair Of cognac leather Armchairs By Sapporo For Mobil Girgi - Italy 1970s

Pair Of Armchairs Model H-282 By Jindrich Halabala

pair of Italian armchairs from the 1950s - new "chanel" upholstery

.Paire de fauteuils italiens garnissage velours bleu

Pair of Zanuso Armchairs for Arflex, Model Lady, 1950s

Arne Norell rosewood and leather "Sirocco" safari armchair - Sweden 1964

Pair of Art Deco armchairs. France, C. 1930

Fritz Hansen, FH-1672 armchair. Denmark, C.1940

Lise Isbrand & Hans Isbrand, Fjeder armchair for Isbrand Design

pair of Accent armchairs

Pair of Armchairs in the style of Gio Ponti, 1950s

pointed back italian armchairs - new gray velvet upholstery

Pair Of Italian Armchairs With Black Metal Structure And New Blue Upholstery

pair of French 1960s chairs by Raphael Raffel

Teak Armchair by Harry Østergaard for Randers Møbelfabrik, 1960s

large armchairs with chrome legs

Pair of Italian Wingback Armchairs - New Upholsetry

Italian Armchairs in the Style of Paolo Buffa, 1950s

Medea desk chair with swivel base by Vittorio Nobili for Fratelli Tagliabue, 1950s

Joe Cesare Colombo "elda" armchair in white leather and red structure - 1963

pair of "Oscar" Reclining Armchairs by Nello Pini for Novarredo, 1959

Lounge Chair with Ottoman by Martin Stoll for Giroflex - 1960s

Pair Of Large Space Age Leather Armchairs By Saporiti, Italy

pair of Italian faux fur armchairs

Model 3217 office chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen, 1950s

pair of Wassily-Style Armchairs

pair of Italian high back armchairs with ears - newly upholstered

Italian armchairs with black metal structure from the 50s - new upholstery

pair of rocking chairs

Chairs Model 5531 by Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen for Magnus Olesen, 1950s, Set of 2

Pair of de Coene club armchairs from the 1930s - mohair velvet

Pair of italian armchairs - from the 60ties - New Upholsetry

Pair of armchairs in style of Paolo Buffa

Pair of italian adjustable back armchairs - 1950s New upholstery

Italian Armchairs in the Style of Marco Zanuso, 1950s, Set of 2

Marco Zanuso armchair - New "chanel" Upholstery - circa 1951

Model 4801 Easy Chair by Joe Colombo for Kartell, 1960s

pair of black lacquered rattan armchairs

black leather armchair and ottoman

Pair Of Armchairs By Nino Zoncada For Frimar - Italy c.1950

No.6526 Armchairs by Otto Wagner for Thonet, 1910s - set of 2

set of eight pine dining danish chairs with Rope Seat 1980'

1960s Italian bamboo garden set

set of 6 postmodern black wood dining chairs

pair of newly upholstered armchairs

Lounge Chairs `` Designer Unknown '', 1950S

Italian armchairs with black metal structure from the 50s - new brown / beige chevron upholstery

Pair of italian Lounge Chairs with new Floral velvet Upholstery

pair of Italian armchairs with black metal structure and new blue upholstery

pair of Italian armchairs from the 50s with new brown mottled upholstery

Zabro Chair by Alessandro Mendini for Zanotta, Italy, 1980s

pair of Italian high back armchairs - new upholstery - 1950s

Italian armchairs

Faux Fur Upholstered WingBack armchair

Pair of Armchairs Model 516 by Gio Ponti for Cassina, 1950s

pair of Italian armchairs with black metal frame - new rust-colored upholstery

Pair of Italian armchairs Upholstered in Wool Houndstooth

Pair of Safari Chairs in the Style of Kaare Klint

'Cité' Armchairs by Jean Prouvé for Vitra - set of 2

802 Armchairs By Carlo De Carli For Cassina, 1950s

EA 107 office chairs by Charles & Ray Eames for Vitra, 1990s - new grained black leather

set of 4 Italian armchairs in wood and black lacquered wood - 1970s

Plywood chair by Carlo Ratti ,Italy 1950s

Guillerme et Chambron Armchair

Pair of Armchairs by Giulio Moscatelli for Formanova - 1960S

Tulip Armchairs by Eero Saarinen for Knoll, 1958, Set of 4

pair of Italian armchairs from the 60s with new green velvet upholstery

Pair of Lounge Chairs by Ezio Longhi - 1950s, New Upholstery

Pair Of Italian Armchair, New Upholstery

Marco Zanuso pair of model Martingale armchairs Produced by Arflex

large Italian high back red verlvet armchair - 1950s

red lacquered Danish Rocking Chair by Frank Reenskaug for Bramin, 1960s

pair of Italian armchairs with high backs - new upholstery

pair of italian armchairs with High back with ears - New Light Gray Marl Upholstery

Pair Of Mobil Girgi Armchairs, Wood And New Upholstery

Gio Ponti rare model 803 version with brass feet Armchairs - New light gray marl Upholstery

G23 Hoop Armchair by Piero Palange & Werther Toffoloni for Germa

Pair of Armchairs Black Laquered Wood Legs - New Upholstery - Italy 1950s

Pair of Italian Cocktail armhairs - New Upholstery

Italian White Lacquered Wood and New Upholstery club armchairs

Pair Of "Micaela" Armchairs By Gianni Moscatelli - Formanova 1970s - New Upholstery

Pair of lounge chairs by Jan Vaněk for UP Závody, Czech 1930s

Pair of armchairs by Emilio Sala and Giorgio Madini - New Upholstery

Scandinavian Rocking Chair, 1960s

Bertoia 'Bird' Chair & Ottoman With Original Cover

Pair of italian armchairs with black metal tubular frame 1950s- New Upholstery

Pair of Italian Armchairs, Seat Position Adjustable, 1960s

Liceu de Artes e Oficios Lounge chair Sao Paulo, Brazil, the 1960s

pair of velvet and chrome italian club chairs - new dark gray upholstery

Italian Side Chairs - 4 available - New Upholstery

Pair of Italian armchairs with ottomans - New Upholstery

pair of high back armchairs by Gio Ponti 1950s - new curry yellow upholstery

Pair of Italian Armchairs in the Style of Marco Zanuso - new graphite gray upholstery

Pair of Silvano Passi armchairs - cream lacquered wood - original upholstery 1970s

Italian Armchair by Formanova, New Upholstery

pair of brown Faux Leather armchairs - 2 pairs available

"Club 112" by Max Jungblut - Netherlands 2020

Pair of rattan lounge chairs by Tito Agnoli , 1960s

Pair of Mid-century Italian Armchairs

pair of Wrought Iron Garden Armchairs Painted 1950

Pair of Italian Armchairs

Italian Mid-Century Armchair, New Upholstery

Italian Mid-Century Armchair, New Upholstery

Armchair 317 by Peter Hvidt & Olga Molgaard-Nielsen - 1960s

Pair of Italian Mid-Century Armchairs, New Upholstery

Set of Two Leather and Wood Armchairs with their Pouf

Pair of Italian high back armchairs 1950 - attr. Paolo Buffa - New Upholstery

Pair of Wingback Armchairs, Miroslav Navratil, 1960s

Pair of Italian Armchairs, New Upholstery, 1950s

Set of Four Metal Garden Chairs

Pair of safari pine armchairs

Pair of lounge chairs designed by Gérard Guermonprez - french 1950s

Silvio Cavatorta desk chair

Pair of vittorio dassi armchairs 1950s

black lacquered metal structure armchairs - Italy 1950s

Pair of armchairs by Giuseppe Munari for Poltrona Munari, 1960s

Italian "Dialogo" leather Chair by Tobia & Afra Scarpa for B&B Italia - 24 available

Pair Of Armchairs By Marcel Kammerer - Austria 1905

Pair of italian armchairs - 1950s - New Upholstery

pair of Austrian armchairs circa 1910

rattan rocking chair by Rohe Noordwolde - a pair available

FM17 japanese series chair by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, 1950s - Faux-leather

Diamond Chairs by Harry Bertoia for Knoll International - 10 available

2 pairs of Cassina chairs in solid teak wood and leather - 1990s

Pair of Gustave Siegel chairs for J & J KOHN - Vienna Secession

Pair of "Micaela" armchairs by Gianni Moscatelli - formanova 1970s - New Upholstery

Gio Ponti Armchairs Model 803 for Cassina, Italy, 1954 - new green velvet upholstery

Diamond Chairs by Harry Bertoia for Knoll International - 12 available

Diamond Chairs by Harry Bertoia for Knoll International - 11 available

J&J Kohn Pair of bentwood armchairs by Koloman Moser - Viennese secession c.1900

Gio Ponti Armchair from the Montacatini Corporation Headquarters, Milan, Italy , ca. 1936

pair of Hungarian club armchairs - new upholstery

Pair of italian armchairs with adjustable backrests - New cream Upholstery

pair of Italian armchairs - new fish Woven Fabric upholstery

english art nouveau armchair - new green velvet upholstery

Woven wood and cord armchair

Set of armchairs in chrome and cowhide

Italian 50's desk armchair by Vittorio Dassi

set of six chrome and leather curule armchairs

Pair Of Italian Armchairs - New Velvet Upholstery, 1950s

Pair of bentwood rocking chairs with sitting and back in caning

Bentwood and Cane thonet armchair

set of 4 wood chairs

Pair of "Scacciapensieri" armchairs by De Pas, d'Urbino and Lomazzi for Poltronova - Italy 1970s

Rocking Chair "Sgarsul" by Gae Aulenti for Poltronova, Italy - 1962

"357 Feltri" Armchair by Gaetano Pesce for Cassina, Italy 1980s

small side chair

pair of armchairs in wood and brown leather

office chair with new blue/gray upholstery

Swivel Leather Office Armchair from Wilkhahn

Pair of black lacquered armchairs - New Upholstery

Pair of Josef hoffmann for thonet armchairs - New Upholstery by backhausen fabric - circa 1900

Pair of OSCAR NIEMEYER Rare ‘Aran’ lounge chairs, c. 1975 Leather, stainless steel

Lounge chair P40 by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno

Pair of Italian armchairs

Pair of italian armchairs

set of Bamboo & Rope Armchairs and table

P40 Lounge Chairs by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno

.Pair of armchairs

Pair of Gio Ponti Armchairs, Model 512, Italy - New New Upholstery

1950 Italian armchairs With New Upholstery

Italian armchair

Ole Wanscher Senator Highjack Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Cado

set of 6 Grosfillex armchairs by Albert Jacob 1973

pair of Cowhide Armchairs and ottoman

Pierre Cardin "canapouf" seating set

pair of chrome armchairs '70 - new upholstery

pair of french armchairs

Rocking chair by Angel I. Pazmino for Meubles De Estilo Wood, 1960s

Pair of italian armchairs, New Upholstery - 2 pairs available

pair of wooden frame chairs - new upholstery

"V" foot metal structure and red suede armchair

Pair of Onda Wave Lounge Chairs by Giovanni Offredi for Saporiti

Rattan Peacock Chair

set of 2 seating chairs and ottoman to restore

"Baffo" chair by Gianni Pareschi and Ezio Didone for Busnelli - italy 1969

pair of art deco armchairs new velvet upholstery

Pair Of Armchairs "Bastiano" By Tobia Scarpa For Gavina Circa 1960

Pair of Armchairs, Italy Circa 1970'S - New velvet Upholstery By Pierre FREY

Pair of Yngve Ekstrom armchair

high back Scandinavian armchair in rosewood and leather - padding to replace

Pair of brushed chrome with brown Velvet Cushions

Ethnic buffalo horns armchair

Pair of italian armchairs - New Upholstery

2 brown Leather Poltrona Frau 'Moji' Armchairs by Shigeru Uchida

Pair of Maison Charles Duyver Bridge Armchairs -Belgium 1940s

Tom Dixon armchair, "Baby Fat" Model - Cappellini edition

Pair of Lounge Chairs by Ezio Longhi - 1950s, New Upholstery

Futurist Pair of Armchairs by Giulio Moscatelli for Forma Nova, Italy, 1960s-New Upholstery

ERO office chair - norway

Pair of wood and brown leather armchairs

"Maison Franck" Green Velvet Armchair - belgium

Pair Of American Armchairs, Rowe - New Upholstery By Pierre Frey Collection

Pair Of Faux Fur Armchairs

French rocking chair

x9 Office Chairs With Black Elastic Straps

Pair Of Black Armchairs Arte's - c. 2000 - 2 available

Pair of Black Lacquered Armchairs

Pair of Powder Pink Velvet Italian armchairs att. to Guglielmo Ulrich - New Upholstered

pair of Swedish Birch Armchairs - circa 1920

Pair Of Armchairs By Gigi Radice For Minotti -"Astrakan" Velvet New Upholstery

Pair Of Sabena Armchairs

Pair Of Italian Armchair - New Velvet Upholstery

Pair Of Italian Armchairs - New Upholstery By Pierre Frey Collection

"Maison Franck" Green Velvet Armchair - belgium

X3 black Sandows armchairs attributed to Herbst

Pair of italian armchairs - New Upholstery By Pierre Frey Collection

Pair of armchairs

Black Rocking Chair

Pair Of Vintage Art Deco Club in polished burr wood

Pair of Cocktail Chairs

Pair of blue satin Italian armchairs, attr. to Paolo Buffa

Pair Of Wittmann Armchair

Pair of italian armchairs 50' at. to Guglielmo Ulrich

Scandinavian office armchair

Vittorio Nobili Medea armchair

Alta Chair and Ottoman by Oscar Niemeyer

Pair of Italian Armchairs, 1950s - New Upholstery