Mid-century Square Cascading Murano Glass Chandelier by Venini

Pair of Mid Century Modern Table Lamps in brushed steel by Jacques Charpentier - 1970s

Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp by Mads Caprani for Caprani Light AS, Danish 1970s

Mid-Century Modern Sconce by Martinelli Luce, Italy, 1970s - 40 Available

Goat Table Lamps by Dominique Pouchain

LT316 Floor Lamp in Murano Glass by Carlo Nason for Mazzega, 1970s

"moon" Table Lamp By Henri Mathieu, 1970s

Mid Century Modern Table Lamp by Michael Andersen - Denmark 1960

Mid Century Modern Aldo Londi for Bitossi 'Rimini Blue' Pottery Table Lamp, 1960s

Mid Century Green Ceramic XL Lamp

Contemporary Floor Lamp Louis Poulsen Style

Mid Century Modern Glass Table Lamp

Mid Century Modern Stilnovo Floor Lamp

Golden Foglio Sconce by Tobia & Afra Scarpa for Flos, 1960s set of 2

Pair of large "Fluette" Table Lamps by Giuliana Gramigna for Quattrifolio 1970s

"Fluette" Table Lamps by Giuliana Gramigna for Quattrifolio 1970s

Mid Century Italian "Vertebrae" Mod.660 Table Lamp by Elio Martinelli for Martinelli Luce

Mid-century Large Italian desk lamp by Valenti Luce

White Bugia Table Lamps by Giuseppe Cormio for iGuzzini, 1970S

Mid Century Modern Large model 'Fuga' Wall Sconces by Maija Liisa Komulainen, Raak

Mid-Century Danish 'Trombone' Table Lamp by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup

Mid-Century Modern Model 5023 Table Lamp by Angelo Brotto for Esperia - Italy 1950s

Mid-Century Modern ‘Charlottenburg ph 5-4.5’ Pendant Light by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen

Mid-century White Murano glass table lamp by Barovier & Toso - Italy 1950s

Important Pair Of Art Deco Wall Lamps - H 84cm

Barovier Murano Gold Twisted Glass Table Lamp

Mid-Century pair of Space Age Sputnik Wall Sconces - 1970s

Pair of Carlo Nason wall lamps With Murano Glass Discs _ 2 PAIRS AVAILABLE

Mid-century pyrite stone Table Lamp - original lampshade

Mid Century Modern murano glass Table Lamp attributed to Toni Zuccheri - Italy 1970s

Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp, Plexiglass and Marble base, Italy

Mid-Century Modern Pendant Lamp by Achille Castiglioni, Paper, Italy, 1960s

Decorative Lightning Wood and Fiberglass Panel

Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp, Italy, 1960s - New Lampshade

Mid-Century Modern table lamp "Snow" by Vico Magistretti for O-Luce, Italy

Mid Century Modern Bronze floor Lamps Signed by Esa Fedrigolli, Italy, 1970s - a pair available

Mid-Century Modern floor lamp "Snow" by Vico Magistretti for O-Luce, Italy

Mid-Century Modern Porcini Table Lamp by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Italy, 1960s

Mid Century Modern Gae Aulenti ‘Pileino’ Table Lamps for Artemide, 1970s

Mid Century Modern Table Lamp by R. Costa, Ceramica Bassano - Italy 1960s

Mid Century Modern wrought iron tripod Floor Lamp, Hungary

Mid Century Modern Table Lamps opal glass Model Egg - Italy 1970s

Murano Glass table lamp

Brass lamp in the style of maria pergay produced in the 70s

Pair of golden ball lamps by Boulanger

Suspension Sputnik, 1970s

Chrome pendant lamp by Sciolari, 1970s

Pair of Bronze Table Lamps by Luciano Frigerio, Italy, 1970s

White Foglio Sconce by Tobia & Afra Scarpa for Flos, 1960s set of 2

Opaline suspension red interior white produced in the 70s.

brass and chrome lamp in the style of W. Rizzo

Pair of Lumica wall lamps, Italy, 1970s

Mid Century Table lamp in glazed ceramic by Pierre Culot (1938-2011) - Belgium 1970s

Mid Century Scandinavian Modern Floor Lamp by Mads Caprani for Caprani Light AS

Italian Wall Lights in the Style of Stilnovo

on hold

Wall light, enameled metal. France C.1950

Mid-century white marble lamp - Italy 1970s

Italian Table lamp, 1960s

Porsenna Lamp by Vico Magistretti for Artemide, 1970s

on hold

floor lamp in lacquered wood and acrylic lampshade

Desk Lamp By Joe Colombo for Oluce, 1960s

White Serpente Floor Lamp by Elio Martinelli for Martinelli Luce, 1960s

Mid Century Modern Luigi Caccia Dominioni LTE 13 "Porcino" Floor Lamp, Italy, 1960s

Glass opaline and Brushed aluminum "Mushroom" table lamp - 1970s

Pair Mid Century Modern seashell Wall Sconces

Table lamp by Fransesco Buzzi Ceriani, 1970s

Jucker 147 Table Lamps By Tobia & Afra Scarpa for Flos, 1960s

Zeus table lamp by Cini Boeri for Gavina, 1970s

Mid Century ceramic wall lamp, Pieter Groeneveldt 1960

Art Deco chrome Table Lamp

Table lamp 600 By Gino Sarfatti for Arteluce, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Bronze and Opaline Table Lamp, Italy, 1970s

on hold

Floor Lamp Sistema Flu By Rodolfo Bonetto For Luci, 1980s

Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp

Mid-century metal and plastic globe floor lamp - Italy 1970s

Pair of Mid-century Modern Table Lamps by Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte - Mod.1853 -1st ed.

Antinea Floor Lamp by Jean-François Crochet for Terzani, Italy,1980s- Two available

Mid-Century Modern Modulable Floor Lamp with Travertine Base, Italy 1970s

Mid-Century Modern Murano Glass Sconce by Poliarte - Italy 1970s

Mid Century Danish floor lamp by davids from 1970 s - Movable lampshades

Mid Century cocoon Table Lamp - 1970s

Mid Century Modern "Area 50" Table Lamps by Mario Bellini for Artemide

“1500” Office desk Lamp by Alfred Müller for Belmag AG, Switzerland, 1950s

Mid Century Modern "Arco" Floor Lamp by Castiglioni & Giacomo for Flos, Italy

Very Large Ceiling Light attributed to Venini, Italy, 1940s

Italian Electra Lamp by Giuliana Gramigna for Artemide, 1968

Pair of glass and brass floor lamps - Italy 1970s

Umbrella floor lamp 1970s

Mid-century Modern Brutalist Metal Sconce

Vintage Scandinavian Bentwood Floor Lamp, Mads Caprani

Mid Century Modern Green opaline glass and brass table lamp

Ceiling Light by Stilnovo, Italy, 1960s

Floorlamp Lucenera 207 by Catellani & Smith, Italy

Italian Electra Lamp by Giuliana Gramigna for Artemide, 1968

Mid-Century Modern Ceramic Table Lamp by Georges Pelletier, 1960s

2 Lamp by Dominique Pouchain

Table Lamps By Dominique Pouchain Set Of 2

Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp by Massimo and Lella Vignelli, Venini

Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp by Verner Panton for Fritz Hansen - a pair available

Mid Century Modern Brushed chrome and Agate Floor Lamp

3030 Bud chandelier by Harvey Guzzini for iGuzzini, 1970s

Mid-century blue murano glass table lamp by Carlo Nason - Italy 1960s

Pair of mid-century plexiglass table lamp with lampshade - Italy 1970s

Mid century aluminium suspension - Italy 1970s

Mid Century Modern "grain de café" Table Lamp by André Ricard for Metalarte Spain

Mid Century Modern Ceramic Table Lamp

Mid Century Modern italian brass Table Lamp

Ceramic Turquoise Table Lamp

Mid-century Plexiglass White Table Lamp Model ''Acrilica" by Joe Colombo - Italy 1960s

Mid Century Modern Carlo Nason "LT 220" floor lamp by A.V. Mazzega

Mid Century Modern ceramic Table Lamp

Table Lamp "Cubosfera" by Alessandro Mendini, Italy, 1968 - 3 Available

Table Lamp "Cubosfera" by Alessandro Mendini, Italy, 1968 - 3 Available

Fun 3DM Seashell Pendant Light by Verner Panton, Denmark, 1960s

Area 210 Floor Lamp by Mario Bellini for Artemide, 1960s

Sfumato Floor Lamp Model LT316 By Carlo Nason For Mazzega

Mid Century Modern wenge wood Floor Lamp

Pair of Chrome wall lamp from the 70s

Mid-Century Modern Ceramic Table Lamp

silver enamelled ceramic table lamp

Fontana Arte lamp in gilded brass and smoked glass - 1960s

large ceramic blue table/floor lamp, Germany, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern very long mother-of-pearl Suspension from de 70s

Area 210 Floor Lamp by Mario Bellini for Artemide, 1960s

"Jellyfish" Murano Glass - Mazzega 1970s

Pair of "Rocket" floor lamps by Svend Aage Holm Sørensen For Holm Sørensen & Co

Italian desk lamp from the 70s attributed to Targetti

Bauhaus "Kamdem N° 756" Desk lamp by Marianne Brandt, Hin Dieckbrede, & H. Gaute - 1930s

Mid-Century Italian White Ceramic and Faux Bamboo Table Lamp by Tommaso Barbi, 1970s

on hold

large table or floor lamp by Ceramiche San Polo, Italy 1950s

Mid Century Modern Travertine & Brass Table Lamp, Fratelli Mannelli, 1960s

Mid Century Modern travertin Table Lamp with linen lampshade

Flash Table Lamp by Joe Colombo for Oluce

Owl Desk Lamp by Albert Tormos, Limestone, France, 1970s

Mid-century Murano glass suspension by Carlo Scarpa - Italy 1960s

Mid-century modern italian Table Lamp-1950s

Mid-century colored glass suspension by Poliarte - Italy 1970s

on hold

Mid-Century Modern Italian Floor Lamp, 1970s

Mid-century Spirale brass suspension by Verner Panton - Italy 1960s

on hold

Floor Lamp by Harvey Guzzini, 1960s

1 Mid century design Floor Lamp by Hans Kögl

Murano glass chandelier - Italy 1940s

Set of 3 mid-century "Verpan" glass globe suspension by Verner Panton - Italy 1970s

Mid-century metal and plexiglass desk lamp - Italy 1950s

Mid-Century Murano glass suspension by Carlo Nason for Mazzega - Italy 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Chandelier attributed to Fontana Arte, Italy, 1950s

Contemporary Ceiling Light, Glass, Italy

glass table lamp

Mid-century modern Angelo Mangiarotti "Lesbo" Table Lamp for Artemide Italian Blown Glass 1960s

Desk Lamp 1970S

"Amphora" Tables Lamp

Mid-century Murano Glass Chandelier model "Polyhedra" by Carlo Scarpa - Italy 1950s

on hold

Contemporary Italian Ceiling Light

on hold

Cenedese Murano "Acquario" Glass Table Lamp

Jacques Adnet Art Deco Crystal Balls Table Lamp, France, 1930s

Mid century Modern green and clear Murano glass table lamp by Carlo Nason for Mazzega

Mid Century Modern Table Lamp by Angelo Mangiarotti, Iter Elettronica

Table lamp in Havana leather and slightly bluish opaline glass

Table desk lamp. Italy 1960 in chromed metal and black textured lacquered metal.

Pendant lamp 1187 Gaetano Scolari for Stilnovo, Italy 1953.

Late 50 Italian floor lamp attributed to Ignazio Gardella

LT 216 desk lamp by Carlo Nason for AV Mazzega, 1970s

Table Lamp by Nathalie Grenon for Fontana Arte 1990s

Pair of Chandeliers attributed to Barovier, Italy, 1950s

Rostrato glass chandelier by Ercole Barovier - Italy 1940s

Italian Desk Lamp 1970S

on hold

Mid Century rattan Table Lamp

Large Midcentury Brass 15-Arm Sputnik Chandelier, 1950s

Fat Lava orange and brown ceramic table lamp

Owl Desk Lamp in limestone Signed by Albert Tormos - France 1970s

Mid-century red plexiglass suspension - Italy 1970s

Mid-century red plexiglass suspension - Italy 1970s

Italian Arc Floor Lamp by Goffredo Reggiani for Reggiani, 1960s

Pair of brass and Lucite Table Lamps - 3 bulbs

Pair of blue Glass and brass Table Lamps

Suspension 'LS199' by Carlo Nason for Mazzega circa 1960

"Night Club” Stalactites Chandelier by Nanny Still for Raak

Pair of mid-century murano glass suspensions by Roberto Pamio and Renato Toso for Leucos - Italy 1970s

Mid-century blue glass table lamp by Kastrup Holmegaard - Denmark

glass Table Lamp

Bronze 3 arms Table Lamp - Germany circa 1920


2 Mid-century design Chandelier

Mid-century Murano glass suspension by Carlo Nason for Mazzega - Italy 1960s

Mid Century Modern italian arc Floor Lamp

cracked ceramic art deco table lamp

Vintage Venini Murano Tessuto Glass Striped Globe Table Lamp

large 1970's orange glass table lamp

Pair of Carved Wood Table Lamps by Gianni Pinna - 1970s

Boulanger pair of palm lamps, in the style of Maison Charles - 1970s

brushed copper table lamp

Pair of “Istappen” pendants by Ateljé Engberg. 1960s Sweden

Square Concave Chrome wall lamps - 1970s - 5 available

Suspension lamp. Red lacquered wood and opaline. Italy - 1970s

''Variation'' by Axel Chay. Steel table lamp. Marseille, France - contemporary

Contemporary steel table lamp model ''IDA'' by Axel Chay - Marseille France

murano glass vase lamp

Openwork italian Metal Lamp (2 available)

Pair of bronze candleholder - c.1880

Floor Lamp "PR" by Pirro Cuniberti for Sirrah, 1970s

Staff Leuchten floor lamp

Pendant Light "Fun 4 DM" by Verner Panton, Denmark 1960s

Floor Lamp with Gilt reed and Flowers

Pair of Wall Sconces Sculpture By Angelo Brotto for Esperia

stacked wooden cube table lamp

set of 3 bronze sconces (one corner sconce) - Belgium circa 1970

French Art Deco Frosted Glass and Bronze Pendant Chandelier, 1920s

on hold

Hanging Lamp by Harvey Guzzini model Teulada 1970S

Openwork flower Vallauris ceramic table lamp

Goffredo Reggiani arch wall lamp

Lamp with swan motif in solid brass

French Teak and Glass Ceiling Lamp from Rispal, 1960s

Italian Saucer Pendant Light

Italian Modular Arc Floor Lamp, 1980s

Mid-Century Modern Ceiling Light, Brass and Glass by Kalmar, Austria, 1960s

Adjustable floor Lamp Joe Colombo Style, 1970s, Italy

Pair of mid-century carved limestone cube table lamp by Albert Tormos - France 1970s

Venetian mirrors floor lamp

Verner Panton 8DM Chandelier white shells 1960s

Articulated Arm Reading Floor Lamp

Belgo Chrome lamp in copper and brass

Pair of wall lights by Gino Sarfatti

Sciolari chandelier with 18 nickel-colored lights by Boulanger

2 Ceiling Lamps by Frank Ligtelijn for Raak, 1960s

Orange opaline pendant light, 1970s

Pair of 1960s Orange Ceramic Table Lamps

pineapple table lamp

'Lyndon 160' Outdoor Lamp by Vico Magistretti for Oluce

iridescent green ceramic table lamp

hammered metal disc table lamp

1 Mid-century design Lamp by Federica Marangoni, Murano Due

on hold

Table Lamp by Curtis Jere - 1970s

Table Lamp by Tito Agnoli for Oluce - 1960s

pineapple table lamp

Zaccagnini Ceramic Pottery Table Lamp, Italy

Glass & Brass italian Floor Lamp

pineapple table lamp


Bumling Desk Lamp by Anders Pehrsson for Ateljé Lyktan, 1970s

Cristal de Sèvre Owl table lamp - France 1970s - A pair available

Ceramic Lamp Bird, Peacock - 1970s

Spanish floor lamp 1960S

Italian Opaline lamp 1970S

Italian Mother-of-Pearl Chandeliers 1960S

Wall Lamp Style Forti & Angelo Ostuni for Oluce, 1960s, Set of 2

Angelo Mangiarotti 'Saffo' Table Lamp for Artemide

pair of Table Lamps by Luciano Frigerio - 1960s

Megaron floor lamp by Gianfranco Frattini for Artemide, 1970s

Yellow Periscope Lamp By Danilo Aroldi For Stilnovo, 1960s

Gilt Metal Bronze Fondica Table lamp - France

Large "Panthella" Verner Panton for Poulsen Table Lamp

Table lamp model 'Nana' by Carlo Nason for Lumenform

Pair of table lamp/sconce by Gastone Colliva - Italy 1950s

Pair of modern italian brass and bamboo table lamp

Mid-Century Modern Glass Table lamp, 1960s

Italian Wall Lights in the Style of Stilnovo

Suspension by Sciolari

Lamp by Arteluce

Italian Floor lamp

Pair of modern italian brass and bamboo pendants


Ceilling Light By Carlo Nason For Mazzega, Italy, Circa 1960s

Italian Chandelier, Glass and Brass, 1940s

Mid-Century Ceramic Table Lamp by Bitossi - Italy 1960s

marble balls and brass table lamp

on hold

Travertine table lamp

Mid-Century Modern Blue Italian Ceiling Light, Murano Glass, 1970s

Floor Lamp by Carlo Nason, Mazzega

Italian Arco Floor Lamp by Achille Castiglioni for Flos

Pair of Stilnovo Style Wall Lights with 5 Lights Black Metal Brass, Italy

"Hurricane" candlestick from the house of Sciolari

Gilded bronze lamp with bird motifs, 1970

Tripod Cocoon Floor Lamp - A pair available

Brass disc table lamp

pair of bronze table lamps signed by Esa Fedrigolli.Italy 1970s

Ceramic table lamp

reading floor lamp

murano mushroom table lamp by Mazzega - 1980s

Table Lamp Model LT 226 by Carlo Nason for Mazzega - a pair available

FLOS Zeppelin S1 Pendant Light by Marcel Wanders - faceted crystal globe

2 Suspension

Italian Floor lamp marble , Steel and smoked glass, 1970s

pair of large modern brass and bamboo table lamps

3 cones French Wall Light - 1950s

Italian Metal Suspension in the style of Gaetano Sciolari, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Red Italian Desk Lamp, Metal and Glass, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Italian Murano Glass Suspension by Mazzega, 1960s

Søholm Speckled Ceramic Table Lamp model 1219 by Haico Nietzsche

Tripod Cocoon Floor Lamp

Mid-Century Modern Italian Chandelier, 1950s

Italian Suspension by Oscar Torlasco, 1950s

Esperia Chandelier, Italy, 1960s

1 Mid-century Chandelier by Max Ingrand, Fontana Arte

1 Suspension

Italian Floor Lamp, 1980s

Articulated arm reading floor lamp

Table Lamp By Dominique Pouchain by Dominique Pouchain

Hollywood Regency Sconce by Hans Kögl

Large brutalist wall lamp by Poliarte

Mid-Century Modern Pendent light by Carlo Nason for Mazzega Model

Goffredo Reggiani Floor Lamp for Reggiani Illuminazione, 1972

Modern Italian Rattan Floor Lamp

5 Branch Floor Lamp

Blown glass cube pendant light/sconces Barovier & Toso 1960s

Floor Lamp "KD59" by Annig Sarian for Kartell, 1970s

Italian Floor Lamp, 1960s

Italian brass Table Lamp

Brass and opaline Stilnovo Style Floor Lamp

Art deco lamp with a woman statue made in bronze and a marble base, Vienna, 1900s

Italian Chrome floor Lamp by A. Tonello & A. Montagna Grillo For High Society - 1970s

brass table lamp

chrome and plexiglass table lamp - 1970s

Pair of Wall Lights by Galassia, Italy, 1960s

Murano Glass floor lamp Venini Style - 1960s

Floor lamp by Carlo Nason for Mazzega, Italy, 1970s

Tripod floor lamp 1950s

Italian chandelier, 1950s

Italian brass Chandelier, 1950s

Brass and wood italian floor lamp - mirror base

Sconces by Carlo Nason for Mazzega, 1970s

smoked glass beads and brass paire of tables lamps - Italy

Floor lamp by Giovanni Banci for Banci Firenze, 1970s Italy

Large sputnik ceiling light, brass and metal, 1960s

on hold

iridescent white ceramic globe table lamp - Lindenman signed

Hand-Blown Glass 'Patchwork' Wall Sconce by Toni Zuccheri for Venini, 1970s

brass and Lucite Table Lamp - 3 bulbs

Italian Floor Lamp by Franco Bresciani for Harvey Guzzini, 1970s

1 Table Lamps by Edoardo Tasca

"Pirellone" floor lamp by Gio Ponti for FONTANA ARTE - 1967

Mod.243 desk lamp by Angelo Ostuni & Roberto Forti for Oluce, 1950s

pair of large Italian table lamps in pearl gray and black glass

Pietro Chiesa Lantern Pendant for Fontana Arte Italy, 1936

"Micene" Table Lamp by by Toso, Massari & Associates for Leucos - 1991

pair of woven caning and plexiglass shade tables lamps

Murano glas chandelier - 1970s

Italian Murano Spiral Chandelier by Venini - 1970s

Red Glass Base Table Lamp

Pair Of Italian Table Lamps In Transparent Smoked Pink and black Glass

Tian Xia Metamorfosi 800 by Carlotta de Bevilacqua for Artemide, Italy 2004.

Wall Light by Angelo Mangiarotti for Vistosi, Italy 1970s.

Light Table Diabolo Style 1950's, Italy.

Adjustable Floorlamp

italian desk lamp

Chrome hanging lamp

Gino Vistosi "ghost" table lamp - Italy 1960

Pendulum floor lamp

Copper Hanging lamp 3 bulbs

glass dome shade and brass table lamp

Joe Colombo Extra Large Arched Coupe Floor Lamp for Oluce, 1967

Italian twin floor lamp - 1970s

Large Murano Glass Vetri Table Lamp Conical White Swirl

Pietro Chiesa lantern, Italy, 40s

Maison Charles pomegranate table lamp 1960s

Pairs Of Art Deco torch sonces - Circa 1940 - 2 Pairs Available

Floor Lamp by Giuseppe Ostuni for Oluce, 1950s

collection "Chrystiane Charles" Nenuphar table lamp in brass and bronze from the 60s.- signed

Italian glass table lamp

Barovier & toso ‘Cordonato d’Oro’ murano table lamp - 1950s

Murano Glass Sconces by Gianmaria Potenza for La Murrina, Italy, 1970s - 4 available

silvered floor lamp in metal by goffredo reggiani - Italy 1970s

set of 3 Murano glass mushroom table lamps

Opalescent Murano glass chandelier model "Cascade" by Carlo Nason for Mazzega

Seguso Barovier murano gold glass dolphin table lamp - circa 1950

Brass and glass chandelier from Sciolari Italy 1970 - 8 bulbs

White ceramic cobra lamp

murano glass table lamp

Cylindrical pendant lights in black metal, brass and plexiglass - 6 available

chrome and glass oval Italian pendant light - 1970s - 1 available

Limbourg 3 pendant lights + rail (Germany) circa 1960

The "anglepoise" 1227 desk lamp for Herbert Terry & Sons

large brass sputnik chandelier - Ø 140

Opalescent Murano glass chandelier model "Cascade" by Carlo Nason for Mazzega

glass murano mushroom table lamp

double dome pendant in brass and glass - a pair available

Glass globe murano suspension 1960s - Ø 39 cm

Spherical Chrome small Table Lamp, 1970s (H : 48cm)

Spherical Chrome Table Lamp, 1970s (H :75cm)

Murano glass suspension model "Artichoke" by Carlo Nason for Mazzega

Chrome and glass suspension

pair of italian table lamp in smoked and amber glass

mercury glass globe italian table lamp 1970s

on hold

large Ceramic Lamp/Floor Lamp With New Shade

Pair of Small Table Lamps Attributed to Venini, circa 1960

Murano glass globe and copper table By Angelo brotto Table Lamp 1960s

eight-Light Italian Brass And Glass Chandelier Circa 1950s

italian pair of large table lamp in brass, transparent and black glass

pair of large Italian tobacco glass table lamps

pair of italian table lamps in brass and gray/black glass

half-sphere wood table lamp PAF Milano

brushed chrome arc desk lamp

model "555 T" articulated floor lamp in gilt-brass and painted metal by Oscar Torlasco for LUMI - circa 1960

Brass and black lacquered metal ceiling lamp in the style of the 1063 model from stilnovo - a pair available

Italian pendant light in red glass and opaline

Porcelain table lamp by Richard Scharrer , Germany 1960S

Italian Floor Lamp with Four Individual Shades, 1950s

orange glazed ceramic floor lamp 1970s

Pair of Italian brutalist brass table lamps

Angello lelli Floor Lamp

Fat Lava Ceramic Lamp/floor lamp With new Shade

"Eclisse" Mazzega Pendant by Carlo Nason - 1960

Italian Brass and Opaline Chandelier

German Ceiling Lamp from Doria Leuchten, 1970s - a pair available

Brass and Glass Desk Lamp by Stilnovo - 1950s


pair of large modern brass and bamboo table lamps

Archimede Seguso Gold Murano Glass and Brass Wall Light

large openwork dome pendant in black lacquered metal Ø 68cm

Luigi Caccia Dominioni "Pallone" Nickel plated brass sconces model Lp 11 - 9 available

1970s table lamp

adjustable chrome and glass sputnik chandelier

goebel ceramic flower wall lamps - Germany, 1960s - 8 available

Pair Of White Lacquered Turned Wood Lamps

Glazed and Open-work Ceramic Lamp

Italian pendant light in silver metal - 1960s

Italian Red Metal Pendant Lamp - 1960s

Italian Red and white Metal Pendant Lamp - 1960s

German Ceramic Table Lamp from Hustadt Leuchten, 1960s

Italian Murano Glass Dark Red Table Lamp

Italian Murano Glass Dark Red Table Lamp - 3 available

Ingo Maurer Style pair of Cork table lamps , circa 1970

Italian Murano Glass Cobalt Blue Table Lamp - 3 available

on hold

Italian Table Lamp from PAF Milano, 1970s

Tripod Faux Bamboo Brass Floor Lamp

Pair of Italian Brass Chandeliers

Italian Brass and Opaline Chandelier

PH 4/3 Table Lamp by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen, 1960s

Pair of Italian Torch Wall Sconces in Brass and Glass

Saucer Shaped Chandelier in the Style Fontana Arte, Italy, 1960s - a pair available

Italian Floor Lamp with Three Opaline Shades from Stilnovo, 1950s

Travertin table lamp

Italian Floor Lamp By Toni Zuccheri

'Helga' Floor Lamp Paolo Portoghesi & Silvio Bilangione for Fumagalli, 1960s

Studio Italia "Bubble" Floor Lamp - Hand-blown satin milk-white glass diffuser

Perforated Metal Floor Lamp

Table lamp with suede Shade

italian pendant lamp

italian glass link chandelier - a pair available

opaline glass diabolo sconces - 3 available

Pair of lavender murano glass table lamps

cylinders hemp table lamp

Glass Table Lamp from Seguso, 1940s

cylindrical table lamp by felice antonio botta for firenze Italy - 1974

large table lamp in lucite and wood by Felice Antonio Botta for Firenze Italy - 1970s

pair of Luigi Caccia Dominioni Pallone sconces model Lp 11

Midcentury Barovier Chandelier

"Shanghai" Foor Lamp by Christophe Delcourt

Marble Floor Lamp "Wagneriana" by Lella and Massimo Vignelli, Ita

Murano Glass Hanging Lamp by Carlo Nason, 1960s

Murano Glass Hanging Lamp by Carlo Nason, 1960s

600P desk lamp by Gino Sarfatti for Arteluce, 1970s

3 Lights Arch Floor Lamp With Fabric Shades

adjustable teak and brushed chrome floor lamp

Travertin floor lamp

adjustable in height brass and teak floor lamp - 1960s

Desk Lamp, 1950s

Travertine and Plexiglass Italian Floor Lamp, 1970s

Italian Murano Glass Chandelier

3 arms and opaline globe floor lamp

Italian tripod Floor Lamp with enamel Table & Magazine Rack

3 Lights Arch Floor Lamp with Fabric Shades

Brass Arc Floor Lamp by J. T. Kalmar for Kalmar, 1950s - New lampshade

Pair of italian ceramique arlequin sconces signed " ceramica Lauretana"

Brass and Glass Floor lamp - Italy

Pistillo Lamp by Studio Tetrarch for Valenti Luce, 1969

pair of double globe chrome and glass sconces, italy - 2 pairs available