Mid-century Sideboard/Coffee Table by Gianfranco Frattini for Bernini

Mid-Century "PS142" Armchairs by Eugenio Gerli for Tecno SPA - Upholstered in original fabric

Mid Century Modern Table Lamp by Luigi Massoni for Guzzini - 1970s

Mid-Century Modern Desk Lamp by Achille Castiglioni, Italy

Mid-century Danish Bar Stool by Erik Buch, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Murano Glass Table Lamp, Mazzega, 1960s

Mid-century Ico Parisi Wall Mirror for MIM Roma in Wood and Leather Ribbon of ''50s

Mid-century Modern Pair of LC1 Armchairs by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand - 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Wall Ceramic Panel, Signed and Dated

Mid-Century Modern Modular Floor Lamp, Italy, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Pair of Stools by Giuseppe Rivadossi, Italy,1980s

Pendant by Miguel Berrocal (1933-2006)

panel printing in the spirit of Jean Dewasne

Dominique Pouchain Ceramic Owl, 1990s

Mid-century Lounge Chair and ottoman by Charles & Ray Eames for ICF Herman Miller , 1970s

Mid-century Scandinavian chandeliers from the 60s

Mid-century grape bunch hanging lamp in glass, 1970s - 2 pairs available

"A’Dammer" Aldo Van Den Nieuwelaar Storage - Pastoe

Mid-century Brutalist solid wood Sideboard

Mid Century Modern "Continental" red Bookcase by Joe Colombo

Mid Century Modern "Gatto" Lamp by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, FLOS

mid century italian revolving coat rack

Mid Century Modern Charles and Ray Eames "DKR" Chairs - set of 6

Mid Century Modern Coffee Table by Sergio Mazza, Studio Artemide Milano

Mid-century Murano Glass Chandelier "Polyhedr" by Carlo Scarpa - Italy 1950s

B32 Style Dining Chairs By Marcel Breuer Set Of 6

French Modernist Tripod Fibreglass Lounge Chair by Ed Mérat

Mid-century pair of earthenware Floor Lamps Lardinois

Mid Century Modern Florence Knoll Oval Dining Table - 1960s

Pair of Free-Form Coffee Tables, Richmond Interiors - France

Shelf from the 70ties

Rare table ARP Atelier de Recherches Plastiques

Bookcase in rosewood LB10 Franco Albini

Desk "Saffo" by Carlo Ballabio for porrada

Mid-century Desk Pierre Guariche style - 1950s

8 Mid-century design by Saarinen, Knoll

Mid-Century Modern Pair of Wall Light, Wood and Opaline, 1970s

Mid-Century Modern Pair of Murano Glass Sconces by Poliarte - Italy 1970s -2 pairs available

Mid-Century Modern Patchwork Tapestry, Signed and Dated, 1962

Pair of black and gold colored lamps, 1980s

Dining table by Eero Saarinen for Knoll International, 1960s

Italian Lounge chair, 1970s

Ceramic Unicorn By Dominique Pouchain

Room Divider by Ludvik Volak for Drevopodnik Holesov, 1950S

Italian Sideboard 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Set of 6 Dining Chairs by Giuseppe Rivadossi, Italy,1980s

Mid-Century Set of 6 Dining Chairs by Giuseppe Rivadossi, Italy,1980s

Mid Century Modern "Spiral SP01" Suspension by Verner Panton and J. Lüber

Mid Century Modern Suspension by Henri Mathieu, 1970s

Mid-centuMid-century round dining table in with 2 extensions 1960s

Mid-century Stilux Table Lamp

Mid-century Floor Lamp

Mid-century pair of square side tables in brass and smoked glass top

Mid-Century Brass, Chrome, and Glass Showcase Coffee Table

Mid-Century Modern Pair of Armchairs, Italy, 1970s -New Upholstery

Mid-Century Three-Seater Sofa, Italy, 1970s -New Upholstery

Mid-Century Modern Alvar Aalto Bar Serving Cart Mod 901for Alivar - 1990s

Mid Century Modern round travertine coffee table with glass top - 1980s

Mid-Century Modern Desk/Table in Glass, Italy, 1980s

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table by Eero Saarinen for Knoll International, 1960s

Mid Century Modern Dry Bar Cart by Claudio Salocchi, Italy, 1970s

Mid Century Modern Mirror, Belgo Chrom

Mid-Century Modern Set of 6 Willy Rizzo Dining Chairs, Italy, 1970s -Original Upholstery

Mid Century Modern Faux Elephant Tusk coffee Table - 1970/80s

20 Mid Century Modern Chairs by Giancarlo Piretti for Anonima Castelli

Indoor Outdoor "Bo" Chairs by Philippe Starck for Driade - set of 8

Mid Century SMid-Century Modern Sideboard by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform, Belgium, 1960s

Wood Sculpture

Mid-century Modern Carlo Ratti for Industria Legni Curvati, set of 4 dining chairs, plywood and metal, Italy, 1970s

Mid Century Modern "Alveo" Coffee Table by Willy Rizzo for Mario Sabot - 1970s

Mid-century Modern "Cross" lounge chair by Marcello Cuneo for Arflex, 1970s - Swing Color

de Coene Art Deco console/side table Table with 4 Nesting Tables - Set of 5

Italian Mid-Century Modern wood and metal feet bench or coffee low cocktail table by ISA - 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Pair of Nightstands by Silvio Cavatorta, 1950s

Large Jos Seeuws (1912-2003) Painting, Belgium, 1970s

4 neo-classical brass and oxidized mirror side tables - attributed to Maison Jansen

Mirror "Ultrafragola" by Ettore Sottsass for Poltronova, 1970s - 1rst edition

Miroir chrome et laque bleu, 1970s

2 Mid-centPair of Romeo Rega lamps, signed

Lampe Nénuphar, Maison Charles, 1970s

Willy Daro "Les inséparables" coffee table / side table Belgium, 1970s

Roche Bobois "Kyoto" Carpet by Coco Hellein (Hand-tufted rug in New Zealand wool)

Mid-century modern "Mb7" Sideboard by Caccia Dominioni for Azucena

Mid-Century Modern Glass and Travertine coffee Table, Willy Ballez, 1970s

Mid-Century Modern Glass and Travertine Coffee Table by Willy Ballez, 1970s

Table Lamp by Dominique Pouchain - without the shade

Table Lamp by Dominique Pouchain

Marble Bowl "Paros L" by Enzo Mari, 1964

Mid Century Modern Wall Lamp 265 by Paolo Rizzatto for arteluce

Stool "Grand Palabre" by Franck Robichez, France 1990s

Mid Century Modern rectangular marble side table in Saarinen/knoll style

Mid-century Italian "Triestre" Chairs by Aldo Jacober & Pierangela d'Aniello for Alberto Bazzani - 1960s - Set of 6

Mid century Slat Bench in Wood and Metal - 1950s

Mid-century Italian Wall Unit by Vittorio Dassi for Dassi - 1950s

Oil On Canvas by Armand Jamar (1870-1946) - Signed and dated

Mid-century “Mother of Pearl” Lamp by Rausch, Germany 1960s

Art Deco Side Table in solid oak - 1940s

murano glass chandelier

Mid Century Modern Italian Stilux Ceiling light - 1970s

Mid Century Modern Romeo Rega chrome and smoked glass shelf - Italy 1970s

Mid Century Modern ''Ny'' Folding Chair by Takeshi Nii - Japan 1960s

American armchair from the 20ties

Mid Century "French Riviera" Faux Bamboo & Caned Armchairs And Table

Mid-century Dining Table by Carlo Ratti Ø117

Tall Arched Banded red Art Deco “Monarch” Mirror by Vanguard Studios

Mid Century stackable and nesting Tables by Gianfranco Frattini for Cassina - 1960s

Mid-century Danish Double Sideboard by Gunni Omann for Oman Junn Møbelfabrik - 1950/60s

Mid-Century Modern Pair of Side table, Chrome Brass and Glass, 1970s

Mid-century Bed by Ico Parisi & Sarfatti lamps for MIM

Mid-Century Modern Bench, Wood and White Boucle Fabric, Italy, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Wall Unit by Borge Mogensen,Denmark, 1960s

Mid-Century Pair of “Congo” Armchairs by Theo Ruth for Artifort,1950s

Mid-Century Modern Desk, Wood, Italy, 1960s

Mid century Set of 4 Pagholz chairs model 1507 by Flötotto, Germany 1950s

Mid-century Georgia Jacob Athena Flaming Torch Table Lamp in Resin Sculptured Fabric on Marble Foot. France, 1970s.

Mid Century Modern Lounge Chair by Guido Faleschini for Mariani -

set of 6 Mid-century "Stella" Chairs by Frederic Dedelley for Burri AG

Mid-century "Uchiwa" Wicker Wall Lamp Ingo Maurer style - 1960s

Mid-Century Stools, Oak and White Boucle Fabric, 1970s - set of 4

Mid-Century Wall Unit by Florence Knoll, Wood and Leather,1960s

on hold

Mid-Century Modern Italian Dining Table, Metal and Glass, 1970s

Mid-Century Sofa “Tucroma” by Guido Faleschini - Italy 1970s

Mid-Century Modern Italian Side Table,Metal Glass and Marble, 1950s

Mid-Century Modern Trolley Model 900 by Alvar Aalto for Artek, 1950s

Mid-Century Modern Baisity Sofa by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia, Cognac Leather,1980s

Mid-Century Modern Baisity Two Seater Sofa by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia, Cognac Leather,1980s

Mid Century Modern "Metaphora" Coffee Table by Massimo et Lella Vignelli for Martinelli Luce

Mid-Century Modern Rare Set of 4 Chairs by Afra and Tobia Scarpa, Molteni, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Bar Cabinet by Paolo Buffa, 1950s

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table Corinth by Ferdinando Meccani for Meccani Arredamenti, 1978

Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table by Guiseppe Rivadossi, Wood and Glass, Italy, 1950s

Mid-Century Modern Extendable Dining Table by llmari Tapiovaara, Finland, 1950s

Mid-Century Modern Tecno T147 Coffee Table by Marco Fantoni, Italy,1970s

Mid-Century Modern Set of 6 Leather Dining Chairs by Ilmari Tapiovaara for La Permanente Mobili Cantù, 1950s

Mid-Century Modern Wooden Modular Wall Unit, Italy, 1980s

by Yann Dessauvages

Stereophonic RR-126 Radio by F.lli Castiglioni for Brionvega, 1960s

French Sideboard 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Italian Sofa by Luciano Frigerio, Leather, 1970s

Mid-Century Modern Shelve

Mid-Century Modern Italian Trolley, 1950s

Mid-Century Modern Pair of Italian Wooden Side Table, 1960s

Coffee table By Carlo Hauner for Forma, 1960s

Table Lamp by Harvey Guzzini, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Green Modular Sofa by Doimo Salotti, Italy, 1970s - New Upholstery

Pair Mid Century Modern Nightstands by Carlo di Carli, Sormani

Jos Seeuws (1912-2003) Painting, Belgium, 1970s

"Viscontea" Hanging Lamp by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos, 1960s

on hold

Brumbury Table Lamp by Luigi Massoni for Harvey Guzzini, 1970s

Mid-Century Modern Pair of Scandinavian Armchairs, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Sofa, 1960s

Contemporary Large Travertine Dining Table, Italy

Mid-Century Modern Green Italian Modular Sofa, 1960s

Mid-Century Pair of Altheim Armchairs by Franz Schuster for Wiesner-Hager,1950s

KD29 Table Lamp by Joe Colombo for Kartell, 1967

Mid-Century Modern Hungarian Mirror, Leather, 1960s

Coffee table for record player by Carlo Hauner for Forma, 1960S

Stereophonic RR-126 Radio by F.lli Castiglioni for Brionvega, 1960s

Mid-Century Modern Metal Ceiling light by Borsfay Tamas, Hungary, 1970s

Oil on Canvas by Armilde Dupont, Belgium, 1970s

Speaker 4040 by Elipson, 1970s, set of 2

Armilde Dupont, Abstract Composition, Oil on Canvas, 1970s, Framed

Table Lamp by Angelo Brotto for Esperia, Italy, 1965

Miguel Berrocal (1933-2006) "Torero Opus, signed and numbered

Glass vase by Pavel Hlava

wrought iron tripod armchair in the style of Jean Touret / Atelier Marolles - 1950s

Mid-century stool attr. To Adrien Audoux and Frida Minet - 1960s

Crab Caviar Cup In Silver Plate - Spain 1970s

Mid Century Limestone Table Lamp by Albert Tormos - France 1970s

Pair of minimalist white lacquered chairs - 1980s

gilded bronze satyr couple candle holders

Mid-century Danish highboard - 1960s

Mid-century "Balloon" Chair by Hans Olsen for Lea Design, 1960s

Acid-etched brass coffee table

Mid-century Danish Sofa by Arne Wahl Iversen

Vintage Scandinavian Black Leather Sofa

Vintage Low Sideboard In Solid Oak, Guillerme And Chambron

XL size scandinavian coffee table

Mid Century Modern ''Area 50'' Table Lamp by Mario Bellini for Artemide

B32 Style Dining Chairs By Marcel Breuer Set Of 4

Pair Of Vintage Brutalist Armchairs In Solid Teak

Large Executive Desk In Rosewood And Lacquered Wood, Gianni Moscatelli

Mid-century Sideboard Model No. 4060 By Ib Kofod Larsen For G Plan 1960s

Tulip Stool By Eero Saarinen For Knoll International, 1970s

Vintage Scandinavian Teak Chest Of Drawers, Johannès Andersen

Wall Unit by Poul Cadovius for Cado 1960s

Italian rattan Egg Armchair, 1960s

Model 4801 Armchairs by Joe Colombo for Kartell, 1960s, set of 2

Table Lamp by Christian Techoueyres for Maison Jansen, 1970s

Dining Set by Hans Olsen for Frem Røjle, 1960s

Pair of Armchairs by Warren Platner for Knoll International, 1960s

Sculpture by Miguel Berrocal ( 1933-2006) "Mini-Cariatide"

model 'LT 266' desk lamp in glass, designed in the 1960's by Carlo Nason for AV Mazzega

Mid-Century Modern Wall Console with Mirror, Italy, 1960s

Mid-century italian modulable Wall Unit - 1960s

Mid Century Modern adjustable arc floor lamp in brushed chrome - italy 1970s

Mid-century 3-seater Italian bench seat - new blue bouclette upholstery

19th C.eight-Arm Smoked Amber Murano Glass Chandelier with Florettes - Murano

Mid Century Modern "Togo" seating set by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset - orange velvet

Mid-century Leather Patchwork Armchairs