brutalist Poliarte Wall Sconce - Italy 1960s

Pair of Poliarte brutalist Sonces

Hollywood Regency Sconce by Hans Kögl

Large brutalist wall lamp by Poliarte

Blown glass cube pendant light/sconces Barovier & Toso 1960s

set of 10 'Fuga' Wall Lamp by Maija Liisa Komulaine for Raak, 1970's

Pair of art deco sconces

Sconces by Carlo Nason for Mazzega, 1970s

Hand-Blown Glass 'Patchwork' Wall Sconce by Toni Zuccheri for Venini, 1970s

Italian Light Panels 1960S

Joe Colombo 'Spider' Arc Wall for O-luce ,1967

2 sizes (L&M) murano glass sconces

4 Murano "Triedri" cascade sconces by Paolo Venini - amber and clear crystal pendants.- 1970s -

RAAK Amsterdam ‘clair obscur’ wall sconces, model no.: C1516 - 3 pairs available

Wall Light by Angelo Mangiarotti for Vistosi, Italy 1970s.

Pairs Of Art Deco torch sonces - Circa 1940 - 2 Pairs Available

'Giovi' Wall Lamp By Achille Castiglioni For Flos, 1980S - Ø 27cm

Murano Glass Sconces by Gianmaria Potenza for La Murrina, Italy, 1970s - 8 available

brutalist metal sconces

Pair of Kalmar Ice Glass Wall Sconces, Austria 1960 - 3 pairs available

wall sconces "C" by Carlo Nason for Mazzega Murano circa 1970

Luigi Caccia Dominioni "Pallone" Nickel plated brass sconces model Lp 11 - 9 available

Archimede Seguso Gold Murano Glass and Brass Wall Light

opaline glass diabolo sconces - 3 available

goebel ceramic flower wall lamps - Germany, 1960s - 8 available

Pair of Italian Torch Wall Sconces in Brass and Glass

pair of Luigi Caccia Dominioni Pallone sconces model Lp 11

Pair of italian ceramique arlequin sconces signed " ceramica Lauretana"

Pistillo Lamp by Studio Tetrarch for Valenti Luce, 1969

pair of double globe chrome and glass sconces, italy - 2 pairs available

pair of graphic wall lamps (or ceiling lamps) in perforated sheet painted white

Pair of 'commedia dell'arte' hand ceramic wall sconces otello rosa for san polo venezia

Postmodern Egisto Sconces by Angelo Mangiarotti for Artemide, Set of 2 - 1980s

Copper WallLight 'PH 4.5/3' by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen,1960

Pair of Chrome and Brass Wall Lights in the Style of Willy Rizzo, 1970s - 21 pairs available

French Wall Light from Arlus, 1950s

Italian murano smoked glass sconce

XXL modernist wall Sconces 3 available

Pair of silver metal sconces

set of 3 bronze sconces - circa 1970

wall lamp torches - two pairs available

Pair Of Glass Wall Sconces - Italy

Pair of Wall Sconces in Brass and Smoked Plexiglass

Arc Wall Lamp - 3 available

Johan Petter Johansson triplex lamp, Asea, mid 20th - 1950s

Wall Lights, a pair available - Belgian Creation Signed "JN" - Exclusively At Via Antica

Contemporary Wall Lights - Belgian Creation Signed "JN" - Exclusively At Via Antica

pair of Torchs Wall Light - ~ 20 available

Pair of Murano wall Glass Sconces

Glass cube wall lamp - Belgian Creation Signed "JN" - Exclusively At Via Antica

Contemporary wall lights - Belgian Creation Signed "JN" - Exclusively At Via Antica

Wall Lamp "Arredoluce"- 3 Available - Can Be Also A Ceiling Lamp

3 Murano wall lamps

Pair of Italian Dual Light Sconces, Diabolo Design

Pair of large wall Sconces with brass and black glass

Pair Of Glass Wall Sconces - Italy

1 brass and opaline Milano Italian Stamped Valenti S.A.S Ceiling Lamps

SOLR Architect's wall Lamp by Ferdinand Solère

1 Pair of "Foglio" Sconces by Tobia Scarpa for Flos

Sculptural Wall Light by P. Moerenhout, circa 1960s

Baguès wall lamp

Pair of wall lamps

Pair of gilded wood wall lamps

Pair of rosewood, bronze and sandblasted wall lamps 30'

Pair of wall lamps 60'

Raak wall lamp

Raak wall lamp

Pair of wall lamps

Pair of wall lamps

Pair of wall lamps

Pair of glass wall lamps

Pair of Murano wall lamps

Pair Of Brass And Glass Wall Sconces, Italy 2 pairs available