Italian bamboo rattan coat rack

Vigneron Sideboard by Alfred Hendrickx, 1950s

Italian teak serving trolley

Mid-Century Modern Pair of Armchairs Model Lady by Marco Zanuso, Arflex, 1950s

Armchair by Carl Edward Matthes

sculptural Italian Walnut & Brass Dining Table Attributed to Ico Parisi, 1950s

Mid-century Floor Lamp in brass and wood - French work

Small mid-century italian bookshelf - 1950s

1950s "Monaco" Sideboard by Gerard Guermonprez for Magnani, Paris

3 cones French Wall Light - 1950s

Hungarian Wooden Side Table, " Iparmuveszeti vallalat", 1950s


Mod. 400 Bench by Harry Bertoia, Knoll international

Set of 6 mid-century italian chairs - 1960s

Pair of Armchairs, Italy, 1950s

Mid-Century Modern Italian Chandelier, 1950s

Italian Suspension by Oscar Torlasco, 1950s

Zebrano/ceramic Sideboard by Pieter Debruyne

Mid-Century Modern Italian Wall Unit, 1950s

Rosewood Sideboard by Gianfranco Frattini

1 Mid-century Chandelier by Max Ingrand, Fontana Arte

Italian tripod brass and wood floor lamp 1950s

Rosewood Sideboard by Gianfranco Frattini

Italian Wall Unit, Walnut, 1950s

Italian Wall Unit by Vittorio Dassi, 1950s

Pair Of Italian Easy Chairs, 1950s - New Upholstery

Service by Tapio Wirkkala for Rosenthal, 1950s Germany

Italian large Chandelier 1950S - Ø 150cm

Italian seating set armchair and bench in beech and ropes,1950s

rosewood Sideboard by Ole Wanscher for Poul Jeppesen Møbelfabrik

three seater sofa ster B.Spuijs - Netherlands 1950s

fornasetti baluster umbrella stand - Italy, 1950s

Italian Wall Unit By Vittorio Dassi For Dassi, 1950s

Two-Sided Italian Teak Shelves Bookcase - 1950s

Pair of Italian Armchairs, 1950s - New Upholstery

Vittorio Nobili "Medea" dining chairs, Italy 1955 - 3 available


Nino Zoncada sofa for Framar, Italy 1950s

Italian mid-century desk - 1950s

Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte Italian Midcentury Pocket Tray Ashtray, 1950s

pair of Italian armchairs from the 1950s - new upholstery

Swedish Oak Bench by Carl Gustaf Boulogner for AB Bröderna Wigells stolfabrik , 1950s

Italian chandelier, 1950s

Italian desk, 1950s

Italian double shelf serving trolley by Bergonzi, 1950s

Erich Stratmann Sliding Doors sideboard for Oldenburger Möbelwerkstätten - 1950s

Italian brass Chandelier, 1950s

Two-Tone Italian 3 seater sofa - 1950s

Showcase cabinet by vittorio dassi, 1950s

Desk by Knoll Florence, circa 1950

Ceramic Vase By Bertoncello, Italy, 1950s

A pair of Rietveld "Dress Boy" Chairs For Auping - 1950s

Italian Shelve In Style Of Poul Cadovius - 1950s

Italian trolley by cesare lacca, glass and brass, 1950s

Large Mirror with Console Table from Cristal Art, 1950s

Italian teak highboard ,1950s


Rene Malaval "munition" stacking cafe chairs - French 1950s

Pair of Federico Munari Armchairs, 1950s

Italian Brass and Mahogany Bar Cart with removable tray with by Cesare Lacca - 1950s

Georges Coslin Sideboard, 1950s

Tripod floor lamp 1950s

"Tulipe" floor lamp in metal, brass and opaline - 1950s

Italian Sofa, 1950s - New Upholstery

set of 6 leather Italian dining chairs by Ilmari Tapiovaara for La Permanente Mobili Cantù, circa 1950s.

Dining table model 802 by Alain Richard for Meubles Tv, 1950s

Mod.243 desk lamp by Angelo Ostuni & Roberto Forti for Oluce, 1950s

Pair of italian armchairs, velvet, 1950s

Coffee Table Mod.272 by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia Stolefabrik

Set of 8 chairs and 2 armchairs, italy, 1950s - new upholstery

pair of Minotti armchairs -New Upholstery - Italy 1950s

Cristal Art mirror with console attr. by Luigi Colli, Italy 1950s

Pair of Cees Braakman for Pastoe high back armchairs - original black leatherette upholstery - 1950s

Two-tone Italian Armchair - 1950s

Floor Lamp by Giuseppe Ostuni for Oluce, 1950s

Pair of armchairs and ottoman, italy, 1950s- reupholstered

Armchairs by Guillerme et Chambron, 1950s

Chairs by Charlotte Perriand & Dordogne for Sentou, 1950s

Barovier & toso ‘Cordonato d’Oro’ murano table lamp - 1950s

Italian Sofa by Cesare Lacca - 1950s


Italian Desk by Vittorio Dassi, 1950s

Carl-Gustav Boulogner chairs in oak. Produced by AB Bröderna Wigells stolfabrik. 1950s a pair available

Gigi Radice for Minotti 3 seater sofa - 1950s - curry color New Upholstery

Coffee table, fontana arte style, 1950s

eight-Light Italian Brass And Glass Chandelier Circa 1950s

twelve-light italian brass and glass ‘Spider’ chandelier circa 1950s

teak 'Boomerang' desk by Peter Løvig Nielsen for Hedensted Møbelfabrik - 1969

Johan Petter Johansson triplex lamp, Asea, mid 20th - 1950s

Pair Of Italian Armchairs, 1950s - New Upholstery

Maison Jansen chrome steel Swan Coffee Table, Original smoked glass top - 1950s

Italian Sculptural Dining Table with Marbled Glass, 1950s


Italian sofa from the 50ties - new upholstery

Paolo Buffa rosewood sideboard 1950S

Vittorio dassi extendable dining table, 1950s

Italian Floor Lamp with Four Individual Shades, 1950s

Illuminated mirrors by Stilnovo, 1950s - available in 2 sizes

pair of Italian armchairs from the 1950s - new "chanel" upholstery

Italian Large Brass Wall Mirror, 1950s

Pair of Zanuso Armchairs for Arflex, Model Lady, 1950s

Wood & Brass Magazine Rack by Cesare Lacca, 1950s

Stilnovo Floor lamp 1950s


Lb7" Modulable Bookcase by Franco Albini for Poggi, 1950s

Italian Floor Lamp with Three Opaline Shades from Stilnovo, 1950s

Coat Hangers Model 1771 By Max Ingrand For Fontana Arte,1950s - 3 available


Teak & Brass Floor to Ceiling italian Wall Unit - Bookshelf, 1950s

writing Desk by Vittorio Dassi italy 1950s - 2 available

French 1950s architects telescopic drafting lamp from Alphonse Pinoit for Ki-E-Klair. Model 210

Italian Armchairs in the Style of Paolo Buffa, 1950s

Medea desk chair with swivel base by Vittorio Nobili for Fratelli Tagliabue, 1950s

Desk Lamp, 1950s

Italian Trolley Bar Cart - teak, brass and iron 1950S

Pair of italian adjustable back armchairs - 1950s New upholstery

Model 3217 office chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen, 1950s

Brass Arc Floor Lamp by J. T. Kalmar for Kalmar, 1950s - New lampshade

Pair of Beds, Knoll, 1950s

Chairs Model 5531 by Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen for Magnus Olesen, 1950s, Set of 2

Pair of beds produced in the 1950s by Rima and designed by Gastone Rinaldi

Murano AvEM vase attr. to Dino Martens - 1950s

1950s Belgium sofa in the style of Alfred Hendrickx

Barovier & Toso red and gold murano glass table lamp - 1950s

Opaline Floor Lamp - Italy C.1950s

Brass and Glass Desk Lamp by Stilnovo - 1950s

Chest of drawers by Carlo de Carli for Sormani, 1950s

Round Dining Table by Ico Parisi for MIM, 1950s Ø120cm

Pair of lounge chairs by Cerruti di Lissone, Italy 1950s

Lounge Chairs `` Designer Unknown '', 1950S

Italian Serving Trolley by Angelo Ostuni, Italy, 1950s

Contemporary Pair of benches, Using A J. Wabbes 1970'S Wenge End-Grain Wood Top

pair of Italian high back armchairs - new upholstery - 1950s

Pair of Armchairs Model 516 by Gio Ponti for Cassina, 1950s

Set of 6 Tonneau Chairs by Pierre Guariche for Steiner, 1950s

Mid-century Coffee Table by Gio Ponti for Fontana Arte

Belgian Brass Tripod Floor Lamp, 1950s

802 Armchairs By Carlo De Carli For Cassina, 1950s

Coat Hanger with Mirror and Shelf by Stilcasa, 1950s

3 seater Triennale sofa - Marco ZANUSO - 1950s

Plywood chair by Carlo Ratti ,Italy 1950s

1950s French Ceramic Topped Coffee Table Signed C. De Savigny


Thonet set of 6 Rattan Chairs CM166 on Black Metal Base, 1950s France

Pair of Lounge Chairs by Ezio Longhi - 1950s, New Upholstery

Japanese series Highboard by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, 1950s


Paolo Buffa Style Highback Chairs - 1950s

Stilnovo floor lamp marble base and a brass arm - 1950s

large Italian high back red verlvet armchair - 1950s

Bar Cart Attributed to Cesare Lacca, Italy, 1950s

Pair of Armchairs Black Laquered Wood Legs - New Upholstery - Italy 1950s

Lumen Italian 1950s Light Fixture with Circular Designs

Pair of italian armchairs with black metal tubular frame 1950s- New Upholstery

pair of high back armchairs by Gio Ponti 1950s - new curry yellow upholstery

Large 1950s German Chandelier

Italian maple console - green glass top - 1950s

Desk lamp attr. to Boris Lacroix - french, 1950s

Italian Trolley In Style Of Cesare Lacca - 1950s

1950s Pendant Chandelier In Giltbronze By Italian Designer Oscar Torlasco

Lumen Milano Table Lamp In Brass And Marble - Italy 1950s

"Clef de Sol" coat rack by Roger Feraud - 1950s

Teak & Steel Tea Trolley by Paul Nagel for JIE Gantofta, 1950s

Pair of lounge chairs designed by Gérard Guermonprez - french 1950s

Pair of vittorio dassi armchairs 1950s

Teak & Steel Tea Trolley By Paul Nagel For JIE Gantofta, 1950s

Pair of Italian Armchairs, New Upholstery, 1950s

black lacquered metal structure armchairs - Italy 1950s

Pair of italian armchairs - 1950s - New Upholstery

XXL wood console by Pier Luigi Colli, Italy - 1950s

pair of wooden large wall consoles by Pier Luigi Colli - Italy 1950s

FM17 japanese series chair by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, 1950s - Faux-leather

Pair Of italian Console in Glass And Mahogany - 1950s

1950s Stilux Milano Table Lamp - Opaline Glass

Contemporary Console Table, Using A J. Wabbes c. 1970 Wenge End-Grain Wood Top

Pair Of Italian Armchairs - New Velvet Upholstery, 1950s

Italian Marble and Brass Coffee Table, 1950s

Pair of Lounge Chairs by Ezio Longhi - 1950s, New Upholstery

1950s desk lamp by Dazor USA

Contemporary Coffee Table, Using A J. Wabbes 1970'S Wenge End-Grain Wood Top


Pair of italian armchairs - New Blue Velvet Upholstery, 1950s


Products Model 5531 Chairs by Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen for Magnus Olesen, 1950s, Set of 2


Osvaldo Borsani desk - Italy 1950s


Tripod Side Table by Cesare Lacca 1950s


Cees braakman for pastoe graphic desk - 1950s


teak desk by Børge Mogensen for P. Lauritsen & Søn - 1950s


Italian pedestral - 1950s